Our Vision

Our vision is to better support people to recover from mental illness by taking a systems approach, encouraging professionals to work together to achieve better mental health outcomes for Australians.

Mounting international evidence supports the following principles which should underpin a continuum of mental health services, whether public, private or non-government (NGO). The needs and rights of consumers must always be central to service delivery and development.

Mental Health Services Should:

  • Promote recovery to enable an optimal quality of life and active citizenship.
  • Ensure equitable access to a comprehensive range of hospital and community-based high quality, safe and effective specialist and support services when and
  • where they are needed and throughout the course of the exacerbations and remissions of illness.
  • Provide cost-effective services that deliver the best value in terms of improved health
  • Respond to the specific continuing and differing needs of various population groups across their lifespan.
  • Recognise the individual’s unique physical, developmental, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions; 
  • Offer specialised mental health treatment and support which imposes the least personal restrictions of rights and choices on the individual, balanced with the need for safe and effective treatment;
  • Achieve evidence-based outcomes
  • Ensure continuing investment in recruitment and the appropriate training of the workforce;
  • Improve community understanding and acceptance of mental illness to create social environments that support the individual’s citizenship, civil rights, personal dignity and privacy;

Be Collaborative:

Ensure that specialist mental health services work together with other public, private, government and non-government agencies in a coordinated manner to provide continuity of care and to meet the range of social, psychological and medical needs (including crisis intervention, assessment, acute care, ongoing care and rehabilitation);

Co-ordinate planning and integration of service delivery to ensure sustainable community living for people with mental illness;

Ensure and enable consumer involvement:

  • In the planning and design of services appropriate to their needs 
  • In informed decision-making about their treatment and care;
  • Ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander involvement in the planning and development of services appropriate to their needs.